Monday, April 09, 2007

NYC Day 1 of my trip

Arrived in Newark, New Jersey after the longest red-eye flight ever. It was a completely full plane and no I wasn't sitting in First Class. Met my dad, we rented a car and off we went to New York City. It was a Sunday morning, so traffic was non-existent. It was also pretty early when we got there, 8:30 am, so maybe that also explained some of the quiet.

We drove around, looking at all that is to be seen. And it was overwhelmingly good. So much to see, not wanting to park just anywhere, and not knowing even where to begin describes our early hours.

We finally parked, made our way to a Starbucks. Hence the blurry picture at the bottom here. It was done after both of us flying red-eye and not having eaten or had coffee yet. Hmm. Oh well. I thought I had looked at it and that is was okay, but oh well .

We walked all around, made our way to the World Trade Centre Site. It was overwhelming. It was somewhat peaceful and yet I kept thinking about chaos. It was good, just different than I was expecting.

We then made our way to the ferry terminal to go to Liberty Island and Ellis Island. Brr!! It was cold. It was a really great visit to Liberty Island. My dad had gotten tickets ahead of time for us to be able to go up into the viewing area of the statue. It also included the National Park Service's displays on the building of Lady Liberty. It was really interesting and made the visit very enjoyable.

By then end of the day we were both exhausted, from our red-eye flights and the weather. So we completed our day of visiting NYC.


Anonymous said...

Love the NYC girl pic! So beautiful!


Cindy Keery said...

Love your little black dress - and you look so radiant!

Melissa said...

Sounds like a blast! I am glad you had a fun time!