Tuesday, February 13, 2007


I love Seattle. There is something in the air that is addicting. In my nine years here in the Northwest my love has only grown for this city. To my great excitement A new show came on TV two and a half years ago called Grey's Anatomy. Imagine the pleased look on my face when during the early episodes I saw the city line of Seattle on TV. In every episode I would look for that glimpse into the city. In my opinion it really has the most gorgeous skyline at night all lit up.
This past month I was just outside of Seattle in Lynnwood at a stamp shop where I saw this Ferry Boat Stamp!!
With great joy I purchased it, with the words of Dr. Derek Shepherd aka McDreamy from Grey's Anatomy echoing in my ears "I have this thing for ferry boats." It actually was in an episode way back in the first season, and repeated again in this past week's episode. I was so inspired to hear it again that I had to make this card. I used Twinkling H20's to add some color and sparkle. Here's a peak at the inside too.


L8ybug2 said...

Welcome to Blogdom. I'll put you in my favorites so I can check back. Oh, and I like your card.

Katie said...

Welcome to the world of bloggin'

Can't wait to see what creations you come up with next!!

Swissmiss (aka your sister) said...

Seattle is truly beautiful, and ferry boats are fine...this quote certainly fits

dbeltt said...

Your blog looks great. I love your Ali Edwards shirt, I have one of these too!


Cindy Keery said...

only one more sleep til Grey's :-)

tgrdina said...

When I first saw your card, I thought there was a stamp with McDreamy's comment on it. DUH! I guess you just printed it. LOL! Cute card.

I will put you in my faves and check in regularly! Please be sure to post what you got at the wonderful sales.....lucky dog!

Anonymous said...

and I have a thing for McDreamy! LOL!