Monday, October 08, 2007

Happy belated World Card making day.

This is all the stuff I had to take with me in my car to my friend's house in order to make that set of cards. he he! Gotta love the home front scrappin' and card makin' space. It requires so much less effort. At the end of the 2 day event- cuz I spent the night and we made cards the next day. My friend said- "you really need a tote on wheels!" Umm. I am not sure that it would help that much. But thanks for the advice, I will keep it under advisement. :) Hope that your Canadian Thanksgiving weekend was spectacular, and I hope that your world card making day was a success

This is the card I made for World card making day at my friend's house. It was a great day!!

This is from day 2 of our adventures!


Cindy Keery said...

What pretty cards, Jill! Looks like you had a great time.

Sarah said...

I love this wreath card! All your cards that you've posted lately are so fun! You have been a busy cardmaker!!