Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Finished working 4 night shifts, got off yesterday am. While running around doing errands yesterday am I pulled a muscle in my right upper shoulder radiating up into my neck. I took some Advil thinking it would go away. It didn't really help take the spasm away. It dulled the pain but it still is in spasm. I have tried all sorts of things all evening and into today: heating pad, Tylenol 3, Naprosyn, methanol hot pad, more Advil. It has been making things very uncomfortable night didn't sleep well, and then today it has been bugging me. I should have gone to the store for some muscle relaxants, but didn't even feel like doing that. Yuck. I don't even realize what I did to make it spasm. Too bad it didn't actually happen at work. WCB anyone? I also decided I needed a masseuse.

Glad I am not working for a while again. Technically I am off till April 9th. Because on Saturday I fly out to New York City. I hope my spasm settles down.

Supposed to be meeting Cindy and Andy on Friday morning to work on our cute cupcake aprons. So excited. The fabric is adorable. I am even excited about the thread. I am so excited to sew my cupcake apron!!


brokeshopaholic said...

Take care of yourself....and have a FANTASTIC time on your trip!

Melissa said...

Sorry to hear about your neck/shoulder pain. Hope it feels better. I am sure a weekend of baseball will help!

Have a great time!