Saturday, April 25, 2009

Ladies night out....and on location at the New Moon Set!!

Rhonda, Cindy and I lived life out on the edge this evening. Their husbands will think we were crazy, but out at 8pm we went looking for the New Moon Film Set for apparent filming at Bella's house. They may have doubted our abilities. But they were wrong. We found the set lot and we heard the wolves howl. It was an awesome night out. Now we have to go back during the day for better pictures!!

Approaching the set from the side field gave us great light and a good side view of the set location, but we couldn't see Bella's house.

We think that we can see a trailer here, after being asked to leave the location and our fabulous side view. LOL.

The back view of the lot, yes the lights really were that noticeable, with night filming apparently happening.

Rhonda navigated us back and around to find a new approach, stealth as we can in a car with camera's flashing!

Where we stopped for a while to see if any more vans would be coming or going, just in case we could see a star or two.

A new approach from the road where the van was seen coming in when we were still way across and walking on the field. Notice the blurry car lights up ahead? Another car approached the front entrance and we followed them in.

As close as we could be to the front gate without being yelled at by security. Yes we understand you have a job to do, all we want is just a non blurry picture or two, sir! All in all a successful evening out with Rhonda and Cindy. I am so thankful for my Twilight crazy friends!! Only 208 days till we see it back to back in the theatre girls!!!!


Cindy said...

It was awesome! I can't wait to see it in daylight.

Quilt Nut said...

it was sooo much fun!! Jim still can't believe we found it lol!

Tamara said...

It is from Spunky Princess

Julie said...

Good to hear about your adventurous night....crazy girl. I am just starting the 3rd book. I wish I had a week to myself to just read.