Wednesday, May 23, 2007

New hair-do

Went to see my french hairdresser Rene last Thursday. Was very afraid that I was going to get "a bob" as he is prone to give me. It isn't that I don't like the "bob" I have just had it for one haircut too many over the last several years. He really does try to give me what I want, and I do really love the cuts he gives, including "the bob." But my hair is getting "longer" for me and I was kind of liking it. Yet the bangs and front part were really driving me crazy. He suggested that we keep the length and shape up the top. No highlights needed this visit. I was quite pleased at the end of my visit. My hair looked fresh and fun.

However on the drive home I suddenly became quite concerned that I had agreed to a mullet willingly. I had to do grocery shopping and I couldn't help but smile because I had a mullet.

I have since been reassured that it is not a mullet. But I would have walked around for the next 5 weeks with a mullet willingly, because I had said yes to my hair dresser.

I have decided that he really is the best though. Cause I was feeling stressed about some work stuff, and just like a good hairdresser should he talked me out of my stress. Oh Rene, you really are the best.


stampinsars said...

you are hillarious! it's not a mullet - it is very cute! I like it a lot!!

Melissa said...

very cute...isn't a mullet just for men's haircuts? i think so, so you don't have a 2 cents.