Saturday, November 22, 2008


Have you gone to see it yet? Are you going to go see it? Despite the line up and the feeling of being old in the crowd, I went with my two friends last night. And let me tell you I loved the books so I had high expectations. And all I can say is if I get off in time tonight I am going again!


Cindy said...

It was awesome! I had a great time out and definitely want to go again as well.

Eve said...

Isn't that funny that everyone wants to see it twice?
I LOVED your review on my blog.
If you have time you should do a TTIC project with us this week. I chose Edward {of course!}
Everyone I know is re-reading the 1st and 2nd book now!
Too- funny!!!!

Sarah said...

I'd actually never even heard of the books before this movie came out. I'm not a vampire fan, so, no... I don't plan to see the movie, or read the books... gasp!! Does that surprise you?