Saturday, August 02, 2008

Breaking Dawn

The Fourth Stephanie Meyer book in the Twilight Series is being devoured by me today. This is the cover. Has any one else read these books? Thoughts?


Pinky said...

Hey there Jilly Jo....Glad to hear you like these books! I haven't read them yet, but Shannon and Allison have read them. In fact the author hosted a midnight ball on the night that the book got released. It was at a Barnes and Noble a few miles from our house. Allison won the costume contest, and Shannon's best friend won the first signed book by the author! I guess I am missing out and will have to read these!

Love and miss you!


Mom In Idaho Who Is Spreading The Word! said...

I have read them and loved them but I am a mom of 5, a grown up.

These are great books and they are being peddled to youth and they should NOT BE. Especially Breaking Dawn - it is very adult material, sexual in nature.

So enjoy but don't give it to your kid!

Eve said...

I LOVE your blog!
It is adorable-
Good luck with the job.............

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I read the books. They were by far the most interesting books I've EVER read (which is quite an accomplishment for Stephanie Meyer, because I have read a LOT of books). I know that you are going to like Breaking Dawn. I liked the books so much that I'm in the middle of reading Twilight...for the 3rd time.

But if you would feel uncomfortable reading sexual material, then I would skip a few chapters.