Friday, January 11, 2008

Word of the year for Jill

Last year I read Ali Edwards posts on choosing a word of the year and I even chose one, mindful. I didn't really do anything with it though. It was a sort of difficult word to follow through on. The year went by without me consciously living out being mindful.

This year I choose JOY. I choose joy because I have the Wordsworth stamp. Just kidding. I choose joy because at the end of the day I can look through all of the not so nice stuff and still find at least one thing that brings me joy. The choosing of joy has been inspired by the Mars Hill Seattle pastor Mark Driscoll who was doing a series on The Rebel's Guide to Joy from the book of Philippians. I have downloaded some of the pod casts of the sermons and have been watching them.

2008- I choose Joy!

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Melissa said...

I do like the wordsworth JOY stamp, but regardless I think Joy is a good word for the year. I may have to come up with my own...hmmm. Are you going to keep a Joy journal?